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About us

We opened PAX 49 with the intention to create a space where bartenders can let their creativity run wild and start a damn good party while at it!


This is a place you can call home, where you get to know the staff and sing along to the music whilst sipping the perfect cocktail.

About the cocktail menu

Our menu looks like a bible, because PAX 49 is a religion!

We have 10 signature cocktails, each one based on a passage of the bible.

We play around with different flavours and textures to create unique and tasty cocktails.

Don't let the unknown scare you, be brave and try something new!

Oh, and may the Holy Spirit be with you!


About our values

Passion and accessibilty. A permanent desire for renovation, loyalty and love to our community of customers and friends. With the objective to get the best results, creating unique moments and experiences.


Certifications of excellence

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These are our certificates of excellence

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